IDEAS – IntegrateD Engineering dAta Sharing

i4Trust Data Space for value in the construction sector

Country Lead

Smart Buildings

The Challenge

The identified challenge is focused on the optimization of processes in the construction sector, and more specifically in optimizing the activities that are carried out for the building process of construction sites. The general project objective is to reduce the time needed to complete technical operations, select the resources and optimize them. The activity includes the use of data generated by individual construction sites to monitor CO2 levels within urban environments.

The Solution

The IDEAS project foresees a data-sharing model which will not only operate between the platform but also between each construction company. Through the use of iSHARE technology, it will be possible to provide instructions about the conditions in which the data will be shared, in particular defining policies and licenses. In this case, the constructors will have to sign the same agreement with the iSHARE Satellite, creating a real network of trust. It is expected that the initial data collection before the development of the platform will take place through non-proprietary digital tools, in order to have more observations on the basis of which to develop the prototype.

The following components are identified for the development of the platform:

  • hardware device for data collection;
  • portal for authentication, data collection, and communication;
  • digital twins;
  • data flow manager between the different players and with the platform (i4Trust).

This will involve engaging developers with the following skills: full-stack developer, i4Trust expert, experts in the development of hardware solutions, and data and AI experts. The potential of the project lies in the creation of a partly physical and partly digital service, from which individual operators can derive operational and profit benefits. The service will be offered to users through a subscription and credits (tokens) that can be used for additional services.

Business Projections – Scalability

IDEAS delivers tangible benefits by creating a space of trust/sharing among different smart building and construction actors (building site managers/engineering structures and suppliers). The main actors are SMEs who need DSS to be accurate and low-cost, data service providers (EnergyCo) and data analysts who need access to more data to demonstrate their business model.

Expected benefits are:

  • a) lower service cost (up to 60% less thanks to data and service sharing);
  • b) higher DSS accuracy (up to 50%);
  • c) analytic data about the sustainability of local construction procedures (not just storytelling) to be used for communication actions.

We expect a relevant increase of customers in the local area in the medium term, as we intend to sell to hundreds of construction SMEs offering advantages for all (the main market barriers are over: selling price, model accuracy, and trust in data management) and scale up capacity building models.