SecuShare is a platform for large venue management and optimization, based on autonomous robotics, AI, and secure data share.

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Smart Logistics

The Challenge

Large venues hosting events like fairs and conferences require the cooperation of several different parties, such as venue management companies, event organizers, security providers, and several subcontractors, which jointly guarantee the safety and satisfaction of user expectations. It is crucial that information about the facility and the hosted activities is shared among all actors in a quick and reliable way, to ensure compliance with reciprocal agreements and overall situational awareness of the involved personnel. Due to the enormous number of variables involved in large venue management, it is often not possible for all parties to have proof of the fulfillment of each other’s obligations, let alone have real-time insights.

The Solution

SecuShare is a flexible framework that will provide unambiguous sharing of data and consensus about key figures and arising issues between parties involved in large event venue management. This data-sharing infrastructure will cover the organization, management, and post-event phases, allowing companies to turn data into enforceable assets that can be used to prevent any contractual issue and, ultimately, improve the quality of user experience. This infrastructure is multilayered and will solve a variety of problems in the realms of acquisition, sharing, and representation of data.

The SecuShare solution is plug-and-play, can be retrofitted to existing IoT infrastructure in the target facility, and can be easily and modularly adopted by facility and event managers and on-field operators alike with minimal training and upfront costs. Being able to solve many of the possible arising controversies among the parties involved at a given facility, our solution provides significant benefit to all participants.

Business Projections – Scalability

We believe that the solution can have enormous traction and can be readily deployed to guarantee data sharing across multiple companies.