TOURiLab-SDG (Sustainable Tourism i4Trust Lab)

The TOURiLab-SDG initiative aims to boost the competitiveness of sustainable tourist destinations by facilitating data exchange through the i4Trust framework

Country Lead

Smart Tourism

The Challenge

Sustainable tourism is an initiative from the tourism industry that is focused on minimizing the negative impact of tourism on the environment and local communities, while also promoting economic and social development. One key aspect of sustainable tourism is the collection and sharing of data, which can help to inform decision-making and measure the success of sustainability initiatives.

When it comes to sharing data in a B2B context, one of the main challenges is ensuring that data is accurate, relevant, and useful to the involved partners who are receiving it and shared in a way that is both secure and compliant with data privacy laws. This can be especially difficult in a heterogeneous environment when working with multiple partners and suppliers, as different companies may have their own data-sharing protocols and policies.

In addition to technical and legal challenges, there can also be cultural challenges to sharing data in a B2B context. Some companies may be reluctant to share their data, as they may see it as a competitive disadvantage. This can make it difficult to establish trust and build the collaborative partnerships that are necessary for sustainable tourism.

The Solution

The goal of the TOURiLab-SDG experiment is to develop an eco-friendly travel experience and tourist destination that is powered by advanced technology. This so-called “smart tourist destination” aims to promote sustainable development of the area by supporting environmentally-conscious practices. This will not only enhance the experience of tourists but also enhance the quality of life of the local residents.

The technology provided by i4Trust allows for a standardized way of data sharing between companies and public entities, which will give them an advantage in the industry. This is a unique opportunity to establish a worldwide standard that will be beneficial for all parties involved.

Business Projections – Scalability

In the past, the travel industry was dominated by a few large companies such as tour operators, airlines, and hotels. But today, the holiday experience is much more diverse and includes a wide range of additional services. To provide an exceptional customer experience, these different entities must work together and share data in a secure and sustainable way.

TOURiLab-SDG aims to bring small and medium-sized companies in the tourism industry together in a way that has never been done before. By using a system of sustainability ratings, this initiative aims to create an environmentally-friendly environment for both tourists and tourism companies. Eco-conscious tourists will be rewarded for their sustainable behavior with access to exclusive services, while tourism companies with strong sustainability ratings will be able to promote their brand more effectively.