i4Trust Train the Trainers Programme

Mar 26, 2021News

i4Trust Train the Trainers Programme

Mar 26, 2021News

i4Trust is looking for DIHs to engage in a process of collective learning and human endeavor that will grow and scale the ideas of SMEs in their regions, unleashing the potential of data sharing and enabling cross-domain data value chains.

A comprehensive Train the Trainers program, created by the i4Trust experts in data sharing from the FIWARE Foundation and iSHARE Foundation, will help to equip DIH local experts with the necessary i4Trust know-how to support the selected experiments in the first Open Call and their transference to the market.

Front-runner DIHs at the forefront of the Data Spaces revolution

DIHs interested in joining the Train the Trainers program will receive free technical sessions combined with practical exercises supported by the i4Trust technology experts. Local experts trained during the program will run an expert certification exam to assess the level of expertise gained during the training.

After getting the certification, the DIHs will have the opportunity to join the FIWARE iHubs network and enjoy its benefits in terms of revenue streams, including the certification of products in the FIWARE Marketplace as well as the provision of  FIWARE Training, Coaching, Technical Consultancy, and Support Services. They will also be eligible to become iSHARE implementation partners and play one of the iSHARE roles such as that of an iSHARE satellite or iSHARE Authorisation Registry.

DIHs will prepare to design winning proposals for the i4Trust Open Call, helping the SMEs in their ecosystem in their digitalization process through data sharing.

i4Trust Ambassadors

Going beyond the technology, the DIHs can also focus on promoting the mission, vision, and value proposition of i4Trust by appointing an ambassador that can join specific sessions in the Train the Trainers program devoted to business, ecosystem building, and finding suitable experiments.

i4Trust ambassadors will become part of the i4Trust Community together with the local experts in data sharing. They will also receive support to promote local challenges within different application domains through i4Trust channels during the scouting of promising experiments (fostering cross-domain/cross-border experiments). The i4Trust consortium will establish a formal medium/long-term relationship with any DIH that is part of the Ambassador Programme.

How to join?

Join the i4Trust DIHs Working Group by filling out the registration form available here

Monday, April 19 at 12:00 (CEST) is the cut-off day for the first training group, don’t miss the opportunity to connect with the i4Trust experts and to ask any questions you might have during the sessions.

DIHs may join after the launch of the i4Trust Open Call on  May 10 2021 but that will require that their local experts do self-training and still take the i4Trust Expert certification exam.


The i4Trust training program will run from April 26 to May 21, combining face-to-face webinars with individual hands-on exercises.

Do you want to know more? Are you interested in joining the program?  

Read the guidelines.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you here.

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